A.F.T. Micromécanique

Specialized for more than 20 years in the manufacture of implants and instruments, AFT Mécanique makes its know-how and its latest generation technical means available to you to meet the requirements of the medical market.


AFT Micromécanique machines titanium, stainless steel and Chrome Cobalt, and PEEK is machined on dedicated machines.

Its production tool is composed of

  • 16 Willemin-Macodel 5 to 11 axis machining centres
  • Machining into small plots or bars up to Ø 32 mm
  • 13 CN sliding headstock/tailstock lathes, HP pumps + B axis
  • Bar machining up to Ø 32 mm.
  • Laser marking centre
  • 3D printer
  • Qualified detergent cleaning according to NF 094-091

With the objective of customer satisfaction, the company is committed to a quality approach, reinforced by the ISO 9001/2008 and 13485/2003 standards. AFT Micromécanique is also accredited ANVISA and registered with the FDA

AFT Micromécanique supplies the following industries

  • Medical : spinal implantable devices, orthopaedics, instrumentation

Les produits et services :

  • Spinal implantable devices : hook, titanium cage, PEEK cage, screw and screw head
  • Orthopaedics : plate, cannulated screws
  • Instrumentation : cage phantom, laparoscopy instrument
  • 3D printing
  • Assembly and finishing


Jérôme Frésard :
+33 (0)4 50 31 33 11

A.F.T. Micromécanique
184 Route des Martinets, 74250 Fillinges, France
+33 (0)4 50 31 33 11