Engineering your flow

Diener Precision Pumps

Diener Precision Pumps provides custom pump solutions for OEM customers in the medical, diagnostic, printing, and food & beverage industries.   The company’s micro-tolerancing and proprietary production techniques result in very precise flow delivery.  Inert wetted materials ensure the pumps are chemically inert and ensure long life.


The company produces custom pumps in three basic styles:   gear pumps, metering pumps, and gerotor pumps. The engineering staff test concepts at the research-and-development center in California and assists customers with their verification process before production release to the Swiss manufacturing facility.   The staff has over 100 years of combined experience in fluid dynamics, materials science, kinematics, and electronic control.

Each of the motor controls is design/built in-house to each customer’s specific requirement.

The extensive range of test equipment and design software allow the company to simulate extreme environmental conditions and they perform long-term endurance tests to demonstrate product reliability.

The engineering and quality groups are compliant with regulatory requirements across a range of industries.   Quality control is maintained to ISO 9001:2015.  The manufacturing processes are well documented, and all pump materials are 100% traceable. Custom test rigs are built to simulate customer operating conditions and all pumps are tested prior to marking and dispatch.

Market served

  • Medtech
  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Printing

Products & Services

Design, development and manufacturing of precision pumps:

  • “Silencer” gear pumps: cost-effective, for use in high temperature ranges
  • “Extreme” gear pumps: works with difficult fluids such as pigmented ink at high pressure levels.
  • “Precision” dosing pumps: ideal for use in medical technology, with a dispensing accuracy of 0.5%. The range of dosing pumps is completed by the double-ended dosing pump.
  • “Cerotor” ceramic gerotor pumps:  the ultimate pumping solution for abrasive fluids.


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