Precision High-Tech

Both the Aerospace & Defence industries require precision, safety, consistency and reliability. Thanks to both the Group’s expertise and the quality processes of its subcontractors, we can consistently and continually meet the requests of most major suppliers of these industries. Our working history makes us a long standing partner in the production of precision parts. In particular the Group is able to cater to the fast growing connector market.


The automotive industry requires precision, reliability, reactivity, and flexibility, all of which in a mass production environment. The Group supplies products in the fields of engine components, embedded electronics and connectors. It is able to supply a host of different tier 1 customers with high end parts for turbochargers, injection systems, braking systems as well as a whole range of different connectors.


The key words to meet high productivity requirements and reach a perfect success are: accuracy, reproducibility and cost control.

The group, with large production capacities and its production processes mastering following the IATF and ISO standards, supplies all industrial sectors. The most demanding fields are in particular: Automotive Embedded Connectors, Aerospace and Telecommunications.