The WatchDec SA company join the Acrotec Group

Renowned for their know-how in the manufacturing of complex parts for horology profile-turning, WatchDec are also active in the production of micro components for the connector, medical and aeronautical fields.

The Acrotec Group is one of the leading players in Swiss micromechanics and the acquisition of WatchDec enables them to reinforce their position as independent suppliers to all watch making manufacturers as well as to other markets.


“It’s a wonderful opportunity for us, joining the group enables us to sustain our company and reinforce our position as suppliers of micromechanical components. An important group such as Acrotec will help us to diversify and facilitate the development of our activities in new markets. Thanks to this acquisition we will benefit from a new location, as the move to Courgenay is planned for the beginning of 2019.” added Mr Jean-Matthieu Kasprzykowski, who is now CEO of WatchDec.


Let us hope that this collaboration will be a source of success for both our Group and WatchDec SA.