Play measurement and correction for Générale Ressorts

  The company Générale Ressorts has equipped itself with a machine that measures the deflection of the cylinder pin. It was designed with its sister company Petitpierre SA – specialist in automation. This semi-automated equipment guarantees a precision in the measurement of the axis and this operation is essential for the final quality of the […]

A new factory for AFT Micromécanique

A new screw-machining factory in Courgenay. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2020. A new factory should be built in Courgenay. The Acrotec Group’s wish is to develop our Swiss subsidiary of AFT Micromécanique, a company already present in France. This screw-machining factory specialises in the production of implants and instruments for […]

Vardeco, a new graphic identity

Vardeco, historically the first company of the Acrotec Group, active in precision turning in the electronics, aeronautics, medical and automotive markets, is changing its logo by harmonising and simplifying the lines of its existing logo. Vardeco wishes to convey strong values: precision, performance and the team spirit that has characterised it. We are pleased and […]

New office for Acrotec Group holding

With the inauguration of a brand new building on Vardeco’s current site in Develier, the Acrotec Group now has a new 500m2 office space to accommodate its staff. This will increase the production capacity of Vardeco and strengthen the relationships with the Acrotec Group. This will increase our production capacity and strengthen the relationships with […]

Excellent festive season

The entire ACROTEC team, its member companies and all of its employees, is happy to wish you an excellent festive season and a happy new year 2020…

VARDECO 35 year old celebration!

We are pleased to inform you that Vardeco has celebrated its 35th anniversary! These are not just candles on a cake but the joy of sharing with our employees a story of steady progression, the investment of everyone and beautiful moments both past and future. Learn more about this anniversary date …


The Accuracy boutique edition by ONEOF® is the very first connected tool specifically designed for stores and capable of simultaneously measuring and demagnetising any mechanical watch. The magnetisation of a mechanical movement has become the most common problem for all watch manufactures. Strong magnetic fields emitted by commonly used items (smartphones, leather goods, children’s toys…) […]

Making Mainsprings ( By The Naked Watchmaker )

A very complete article has been published on the website “the Naked Watchmaker” about Géneréle Ressorts and its activity: Mainsprings, their function and how they are made. Isochronism is the primary goal of every modern timekeeper. It is the characteristic of generating a constant, uniform period of vibration, to be able to assure a consistent […]

The WatchDec SA company settles in Courgenay

WatchDec, an  Acrotec Group company moves the business to Courgenay (Jura)in a new factory with a total surface area of almost two thousand square metres. ” With this new infrastructure we will benefit from far more space, therefore better adapted to the development plan of the company and considerably improving the working conditions of our employees.” […]