About the Acrotec Group

The Acrotec Group is a manufacturer of high precision components and a specialised, independent service provider for the watchmaking and industrial sectors. The Group’s products include critical components for mechanical watches, machinery and tools for the watchmaking and jewellery industry, customised connector pins and probes for aerospace, automotive and medical markets, as well as components for complex automotive parts such as turbochargers. Beyond machining, the services offered by the Group include galvanisation, polishing, sandblasting, decoration, thermal treatment, varnishing and engineering as well as customization of assembling tools. The Group currently operates through 21 operative companies with 18 production facilities located in the western part of Switzerland and the adjacent Haute-Savoie department in France. The 21 operative Group companies are bundled under the umbrella of Acrotec, the role of which is, inter alia, to act as a strong counterpart, leverage cross-selling and bundling opportunities, facilitate transfer of knowledge between divisions, exploit synergies in procurement of machinery and equipment between the divisions and in-source the supply of certain equipment and services.

The 21 divisions of the Group work closely together, sharing best practices and delivering a broad offer towards its blue chip customer base.

Facts & Figures

Serves a loyal industry-leading customer base of 1,500 customers with key relationships existing for over 20 years

Exposed to structurally growing end-markets

Key numbers: 18 production plants, 1,200 machines, 1,200 collaborators, exports to over 40 countries

Products include shock absorbers, spring barrels, oscillating weights and various other high precision components

Offers high-precision industrial applications for automotive, aerospace, medical, jewellery and the watch industry

Diversification to attractive, growing industrial sectors

Long-standing relationships with blue chip customers

Leading independent supplier of outsourced critical movement components for the high-end Swiss watch industry

Recognized leader in high-precision machining and manufacturing of small components for the watch and industrial sectors





Export countries

Key Strengths

  • The ability to offer full vertical integration to customers, covering services for in-house surface treatment to automatic inspection
  • Long-standing relationships with industry-leading customers, the top ten customers of the Group have been customers for an average of over 20 years
  • The majority of watch customers of the Group sell premium, high-end watches
  • Excellent brand reputation
  • Close relationships and high levels of integration; diversification through exposure to attractive industrial sectors
  • A highly experienced and long-standing management team