1857  -  2019

The Acrotec Group History

Acrotec has been built through the addition of long-established, like-minded entrepreneurial companies.


Partnership of Acrotec and Castik

European private equity fund, Castik Capital, partners with management to become shareholders in Acrotec with the aim of taking the company through its next phase of growth. Quilvest exits its investment in Acrotec.


Acquisition of DJC
Acquisition of Precipro

The Group increases its end-market diversification with the additions of DJC and Precipro, which mark the entry of the Group into the jewellery and turbocharger markets. This also marks the first company / activity of the Group that is outside of Switzerland (France).

Envisaged construction of new production site in Develier for STS and mu-DEC

The opening of a new site for STS, which will provide surface treatment and decorative services to the various industrial end-markets.

Integration of mu-DEC
Acquisition of Petitpierre

The addition of Petitpierre and mu-DEC further enhance the Group's position and expertise as a watch supplier. Petitpierre will provide the Group with support on automation and production process improvements, taking over from K2A.


Acquisition of STS

The Group further strengthens its position in the Swiss watchmaking market by acquiring STS, which provides surface treatment and decorative services. The Group is now able to provide more integrated finished products for the watch industry, such as galvanised parts.


CFO recruitment

Recruitment of Eric Devreux, as the CFO of the Group

Creation of executive committee for enhanced Group integration

The creation of the executive committee in an effort to enhance Group integration.


Creation of K2A (spin-off from KIF)

K2A is created as part of a separation from KIF in order to supply the Group's companies with bespoke machinery to improve automation in production processes.


Founding of mu-DEC


Acquisition of Décovi
Acquisition of Générale Ressorts

The Group further strengthens its position as leading, independent supplier to the Swiss watch industry with the additions of Décovi and Générale Ressorts. Each company brings vast experience and know-how to the Group, being one of the few companies able to produce oscillating weights and spring barrels respectively.


Creation of Acrotec


Acquisition of KIF

With the acquisition of KIF, the Acrotec Group is created, with the aim of having a strong, independent, trusted partner for its clients, as well as providing Swiss-made quality. KIF is added to the Group to expand into the luxury Swiss watch-making market. KIF is one of the few suppliers capable of producing high quality Swiss-made shock absorbers for watchmakers.

Founding of STS

Founding of Precipro


Acquisition of Vardeco

Francois Billig leads the acquisition of Vardeco, completing the first steps towards the eventual creation of Acrotec.


Founding of Vardeco


Founding of DJC


Founding of Petitpierre


Founding of Décovi


Founding of KIF Parechoc


Founding of Générale Ressorts