Management Team

The Group is led by a highly dedicated, entrepreneurial and professional management team with extensive experience in their particular markets. Most members of the management team have been leading their respective companies for over 30 years and are either founders or members of the founding family; most managers are also significant investors in the Group’s business.

  • President, Groupe Acrotec, General Manager of Vardeco
  • Created Groupe Acrotec with the initial acquisition of Vardeco
  • Previously a parter at KPMG and CEO of companies in the construction and textile sectors
  • Background in economics and accounting

François Billig
  • Founder and General Manager of Precipro since 2006
  • Previously at Cartier and Metalor
  • Engineer by background
  • CEO of Vardeco since June 2016
  • Position occupied since April 2007 as production Manager
  • Formation in Engineering

Marjolaine Cordier
  • General Manager of DJC since 1981
  • Took over father’s business with 2 brothers (Philippe and Laurent)
  • Mechanical engineer by background

Alain Cordier
  • General manager of Décovi since 1985
  • Took over the family-owned business
  • Engineer by background

Claude Chèvre
  • CFO of Group Acrotec since 2013
  • Previously General Manager, Finance Director, Operations Director at Hasbro SA
  • Before Hasbro held various roles at Solvay
  • Background in finance and business administration
  • General Manager of mu-DEC, founded in 2011
  • Engineer by background

Yann Le Martret
  • General Manager of KIF since 2012
  • Experienced micromechanics expert and industrial operations leader in various senior roles in the watch industry
  • Chief Marketing, Sales and Business Development Officer since 2017
  • 30+ years of experience in fast moving consumer goods, initially in Finance then in marketing/sales and general management in Continental Europe
  • Background in finance, accounting and law.

Philippe Metzger
  • General Manager of Petitpierre since 1991
  • Took over the family-owned business
  • General Manager of STS since 2006
  • Co-founder STS in 2006 with Thierry Mesnier
  • Previously worked at Jaeger LeCoultre in charge of surface treatments
  • Engineer by background

Frédéric Saulcy
  • CEO of Mimotec since its fundation in 1998
  • Co-founder and president of Sigatec, company founded in 2006
  • Engineer in micro technology
  • PhD achieved at the Swiss Federal Institute of Lausanne in 1998

Hubert Lorenz
  • General Manager of Général Ressorts since 2010
  • Experience in turning around businesses and investments
  • 20 years as General Manager in various industries including 9 years in the watch industry

Jean-Michel Uhl

Commercial Team

  • VP Sales at Acrotec since 2016
  • Formerly partner & CCO in an industrial group
  • 10-year experience within the automotive industry
  • Mechanical engineer by background

Sébastien Virtel
  • Watch sales coordinator of the Acrotec Group since 2017
  • Sales Director of Kif Parechoc for 8 years
  • 32 years of experience in the Swiss watch industry
  • Background in micro-mechanics and sales

Gérald Monnier-Benoit