Swiss Made

The Swiss Made label is well-known worldwide and has cemented its position thanks to the high quality standards of Swiss watches and the longstanding history and tradition of Swiss watchmakers and brands. It is a powerful label applied to some of the world’s best products.

The Swiss Made ordinance has the following three objectives:

  1. To guarantee the label’s long-term credibility and value
  2. To guarantee satisfaction on the part of consumers who, when buying a Swiss made watch, expect it to have been manufactured in Switzerland and to incorporate the high added value of Swiss origin
  3. To make the law more specific, in order to clamp down more effectively on abuse

With today’s legislation, the following conditions must be met for a watch to be considered Swiss Made:

  1. Its movement is Swiss, with at least 50% of its value (excluding costs for assembly) are produced in Switzerland
  2. Its movement is cased up in Switzerland
  3. The manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland

On 1st January 2017, the new Swissness legislation will come into force, which will require “Swiss Made” watches to incur at least 60% of their production costs in Switzerland. The technical development of the watch or the watch movement must now take place in Switzerland as well. The new legislation will apply to not only the movement inside of a watch, but the entire watch case, dial and bracelet as well.